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Simplistic Leather Bags by Arbor Leather

Crafted from the best quality Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Leather. Made in Kanpur.

Created by the Master Craftsmen at

Arbor Leather

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Arbor Leather was created when after years of manufacturing leather for various fashion houses, I could not buy a elegant, yet functional, leather handbag for my better half's birthday below $600. The production costs and the craftsmanship paid stuck me and the markup pinched me.

I realized that the high-street fashion leather brands need to be questioned for their obnoxious pricing and what better way to do it than to bring to people an alternative within their financial reach with a quality that will give any storied brand a run for its money. Thus by eliminating middle-men ,store-fronts and excessive branding, I reduced the final costs exponentially.

Why the name Arbor? Because I saw the arbor in my backyard bridging the gap between nature and human. I wanted to bridge the gap between the user and the creator. The name signifies elegance and functionality; something that I strive to provide in my bags.

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Beautiful Leather 101

Leather is the heart of all our designs and we take special care to ensure only the best makes the cut to reach your doorstep. We use high quality vegetable tanned full grain natural leather treated with natural fats and oils: the most authentic and attractive in the world .  

Full Grain

The leather hide is divided into two parts : grain and split. The upper part is called the grain that has the natural texture and quirk which enhances the beauty of the natural product leather is. Full grain indicates that the grain protion of the hide is left untouched and that it has that unique feel to it. Sometime the grain is buffed (sanded) and it is called buffed or top-grain leather. Sanding eliminates the natural irregularities to give a clean consistent look to the hide but it also weakens the leather. It is widely in use because it is cheaper to produce. We use full grain for the uniqueness, strength and also since it's beauty never ceases to amaze us.

Vegetable Tanned 

Leather tanning is an art of processing raw animal skins and converting them into leather that is long lasting and durable. The name of tanning methods depend upon the tanning agents that are used. Two tanning methods are most prevalent, namely Chrome Tanning and Vegetable Tanning. Vegetable tanning is the oldest and slowest tanning methodology that uses natural extracts from plants to tan leather. It produces the most durable and long lasting leather with a bright natural almond-like colour and a sweet smell. Due to it's high cost and slow process, only 15% of the world's leather is vegetable tanned.

If you want to know more about our leather, please read it here.